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hans - Wednesday, May 10, 2006, 2:55 AM
Love... Amour... Amor... Liebe... Pag-ibig... Amore...

Is the science of the consummation of oneself to another being. It is the art of sacrifice, and of pain. It is the connection of two beings intricately weaved into one soul and spirit. It is as deadly as a virus, as catchable as a wildfire; as unyielding as the grave. Is beautiful and illogical; paradoxical and extravagant.

It is Beautiful: Everything we see in our beloved becomes synonymous with the word beauty itself. All the imperfections, physical, emotional, mental or otherwise, are covered, dressed, made as lovely and as magnificent as the sunrise itself… And the sunset… And the full moon… combined with all the beauty you have ever known since childhood.

It is Illogical: Human beings are quite innately selfish. It is naturally hard for us to think of others above our own. Our moral value of “Loving our neighbor as ourselves,” so spotlightly expressed in almost all of our religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, to name but a few is excruciatingly hard for most of us to follow. And yet… Love… Almost effortlessly makes us fulfill this belief, this commandment. You begin love your beloved as you love yourself. Even more than you love yourself. As the popular song says: "Oh, I'd cry for you; I'd lie for you; walk a mile for you; I'd DIE for you..." It eradicates with enjoyment our innately selfish nature. That quite literally, we love somebody other than our own, so much more than our own selves.

It is Paradoxical: You feel sick and vibrant… Strong but weak… Dying, but living to your fullest… Brave, but terrified as a mouse… All at the same time. Need I say more?

It is Extravagant: You lavish all you have on your beloved. You give her the world… The moon… The stars… Heaven itself. You conquer the highest heights, the deepest oceans, the wildest rivers, even hell in its cruelest form. You offer her everything: Your time, energies, finances… Even your life. The Impossible becomes (easily) attainable; the extravagant, not enough; the crazy, sensible.
(On a personal note, I believe all these improbable things could be attained. A husband or lover reaches the stars every time he takes a stand to be faithful to his words and his vows. He scales the highest mountains every time he places the needs and interests of his beloved above his own. He swims the deepest oceans when he gives all of himself to his beloved. He conquers Hell itself every time he forgets his career, his ambitions, his self-extravagances in favor of the one he loves. So, who says you can’t reach the heavens?)

Love consumes us: Our entire beings completely, complexly, delicately, become welded, intertwined with the one we love. Our joys and our pains, the laughter and the problems, in sickness and in health, 'till death do us part.

And it is all worth it.
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