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vj - Thursday, Apr 13, 2006, 8:12 PM
Another night with my former classmates, man that night was great. Gerrie’s room makes us crazy...I think her room was made for us to go nuts, haha (just kidding) so that’s why Gerries’ crazy nyahaha joke lang…we played cards the whole night and after that we hade a digicam battle haha, its was very fun bonding with them…haha…(drama) no really that night was great even though its just the four of us, Man its so great to have friends…ok Rök On! gals…haha…take care

Mavic we’ll miss you a lot…take care old chum…see again in the next 3 years
Friday, Apr 21, 2006, 3:51 AM
Tell me about it!
that was like the extention of the reunion..its just that theres only 4 of us!
if only there wasn't too much liquor...i would want our reunion to b like that....
But oh well!it didn't turn out to be how i pictured it and i think there is NOTHING that we can do about it now.
if only i could stay and never leave again(hello?reality check....i can't do that!) or maybe stay for another month(possible.....but still can't do that!)
OK!OK!OK!maybe just go back in a sooner in a does that sound?(best thing to do....)
ok...enuf of d conscience thingy and the "only if's" coz its starting to sound like this is my blog!
and its not and i don't even have one coz i'm i'm 2 lazy to write on it or maybe i will have one when i get back there...if ever i'll do have one, i'll let u knw!haha!!

i' m SO gonna MISS U ALL!!!!

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